San Antonio has demonstrated its support for education, job training, and transportation.

NOW, let’s support our
well-run utilities.

Did You Know?

CPS Energy & SAWS are committed to investing in innovative conservation and environment protection programs and delivering affordability and reliability for you, the owners of our city’s utilities.

Our well-run utilities and their boards of directors work hand in hand with the City of San Antonio and Mayor Ron Nirenberg with full transparency for our citizens.


Has the lowest rates of any large city in Texas and is among the lowest in the country
Has not had a base rate increase in over 6 years
Contributes nearly $1 million a day to the operating budget of the city for potholes, libraries, and sidewalks
Offers numerous financial assistance programs including Senior Citizen Late Fee waiver, Billing Program, Disability Citizen Program, Burned Veterans Discount and more
Flexible Path strategy includes a commitment to reduce our net carbon emissions by 80% by 2040
Uses the sun, wind, and more to power San Antonio, the number one city in Texas for solar energy capacity
Offers rebates and incentives to residents who make their homes more energy efficient, such as Solar Panel Rebate, Cool Roof Rebate, Natural Gas Appliance Rebate, Smart Energy Rebate and more
STEP program provides financial incentives to residential and commercial customers to save energy and reduce electric use


Offers the lowest rates among the top 10 largest U.S. cities
Offers affordability discounts for residential customers who meet eligibility requirements
Is rated as having a superior water system by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality since 1936
Has dramatically reduced the area’s reliance on the sensitive Edwards Aquifer by developing new sources of water, including Vista Ridge
Now has water security for the next 60 years, meaning it is very unlikely of the need to pursue a billion-dollar project for decades
A-rated wastewater treatment operation has been named one of the best environmental programs in the country
Currently owns the highest bond rating in the agency’s history (AA+/AA1)
Is a national leader in water conservation. Per capita water use in San Antonio has declined by 50 percent in the last 40 years, going from 225 gallons per capita per day in 1982 to 115 gallons in 2019

Join us to keep CPS Energy and SAWS strong.

Say NOPE to signing a petition for a vote to dismantle the governance of our well-run utilities.

San Antonio is built for success. We stand united, not divided.

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